Treatment Price List

This is not an exhaustive list and is only a rough estimate of costs.

Following a discussion with your dentist an estimate will be given to you for each course of treatment.

During treatment this may be amended and a variation in costs will be discussed and approved with you prior to proceeding.

Treatments may be withheld if payments are not made as agreed.

£2.75 (per visit)

New Patient Examination:
Routine Examination:

Examination and Scale & Polish:
Scale & Polish:

Child Examination (up to 16 years old):
Child Examination (up to 16 years old) with scale & polish:

Intra-oral X-ray: £16.50 each
(to a maximum of £66.00)
2-D Extra-oral X-ray:
3-D (CBCT scan):


Simple Extraction:
From: £88.00

Complex Extraction:
From: £198.00

Root Canal Treatments:
From: £275.00



Partial Dentures:

Acrylic From: £605.00

Chrome From £990.00

Complete Dentures:
From £1100.00
Upper & Lower

Teeth Whitening:
From: £275.00

From: £2750.00

Call out after regularly scheduled hours: